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  • An Interview with Pepper Nectar Founder Rachael White

    We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rachael White, the founder of Pepper Nectar. Pepper Nectar makes a variety of delicious and inter...
  • Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About Chiles

    Three little-known facts that you just might find interesting, enlightening, or entertaining about chipotles, jalapeños, ghost peppers, and more. Enjoy!
  • Angry Irishman Original Hot Sauce: The ChiliZilla Review

    You can watch the complete video review of Angry Irishman's Original Hot Sauce below -- please do, because it's darn entertaining! But not everyone...
  • The General's Hot Sauces: The ChiliZilla Review

    Our video review of The General's hot sauces, transcribed for anyone who'd rather read than watch video. What are Hooah Jalapeño, Dead Red, and Shock & Awe all about? Find out here!
  • The Top 3 Hot Sauces You've Never Heard Of

    As exciting as gourmet hot sauces are, we tend to look at them through an American-centric lens that -- just possibly -- might cause us to overlook other hot sauces from around the world. But those sauces from another mother (all chiles originated in the Americas, however and wherever they’ve been cultivated since) are deserving of attention, too. Here are three you might have yet to hear about.
  • Sacrifice Fire-Roasted Habanero Pepper Sauce: The ChiliZilla Review

    Hello, and welcome to the ChiliZilla review of Angry Goat Pepper Company's Sacrifice fire-roasted habanero hot sauce. Vermont has so much going for...
  • Pain is Good Louisiana Hot Sauce Small Batch #218 Review

    Hello, and welcome to the ChiliZilla review of Pain is Good's Louisiana Hot Sauce Small Batch #218. Now, whenever I pop open a bottle of Louisiana-...
  • Welcome to ChiliZilla

    This love of all things pepper-related is why I started ChiliZilla: So that I could share my love of peppers and hot sauce by doing, by teaching, by reviewing, and by selling.