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Angry Irishman Original Hot Sauce: The ChiliZilla Review

You can watch the complete video review of Angry Irishman's Original Hot Sauce below -- please do, because it's darn entertaining! But not everyone loves video, and we get that. So if you'd rather read the transcription of our Angry Irishman hot sauce review, just scroll past the embedded video and you can read the whole thing. Ready? Here we go:


Angry Irishman Original Hot Sauce Review

Hi. Welcome to ChiliZilla's video review of Angry Irishman's OG hot sauce -- "OG" meaning "Original" for all you people over the age of thirty-five, as I may or may not be! Anyway, the ingredients list on Angry Irishman Hot Sauce: Habaneros y jalapeños, two very old Irish words. You can be forgiven if you don't speak Gaelic; "habaneros" means "habaneros" and "jalapeños" means "jalapeños." Behind those two ingredients that bring the heat and no small amount of flavor comes tomatoes, vinegar, onions, and garlic.

Not a complicated suite of ingredients, but they do work together well. I'm going to prove that to you right now by having some of this deliciousness in my spoon, from whence into my mouth and then into my belly, and after that? We won't talk about it in polite company any more.

Angry Irishman Hot Sauce at ChiliZilla

All right. That's a healthy dose right there.

Our ChiliZilla heat scale goes from 0 to 10. A 5 is Tabasco sauce. We've done it that way to calibrate it so that everyone knows that the heat level is like. Tabasco is a 5, and this Angry Irishman Original Hot Sauce is about a 6. It's a little bit hotter than Tabasco, but it's not going to send me to the hospital. It is going to send me to my glass of Irish cream, though. Slainte!

How Angry Irishman Hot Sauce Actually Tastes

Flavor-wise, this is very much like a spicy arrabiata marinara sauce. The vinegar is not so present, which is good for a lot of people who don't necessarily like vinegar: This is not a Louisiana-style, vinegar-forward hot sauce. Like I said, the tomato, onions, and garlic all contribute to it tasting like an arrabiata sauce; and because it is very much like an arrabiata, if you're the kind of person who normally puts red pepper flakes on their pizza, go ahead and try this. 

One final note: Arrabiata, interestingly enough, means "angry" in Italian. So, what we have here is Arrabiata Irishman: That old Italian-Irish tradition going strong in this bottle of hot sauce. 

Give it a try; I think you'll enjoy it. You can find it at, where you can find a bunch of other hot sauces that you may or may not ever have heard of before, but I guarantee you'll enjoy because there are no strange hot sauces, just hot sauce you haven't met yet.

Bye bye.

Grab yourself a bottle of Angry Irishman Hot Sauce right here:


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