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Sacrifice Fire-Roasted Habanero Pepper Sauce: The ChiliZilla Review

Hello, and welcome to the ChiliZilla review of Angry Goat Pepper Company's Sacrifice fire-roasted habanero hot sauce.

Vermont has so much going for it: Scenic beauty, charming cities and villages, world-class cheese, and amazing maple syrup, to name just a few things. And after tasting this habanero-based hot sauce, I'm confident in adding one more thing to the list: Vermont-based hot sauce crafters Angry Goat Pepper Co. 

Fire-Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce Goodness

Like many hot sauces, the best way that I can describe the packaging is that it's a little bit Metal in its look and feel, as is the copywriting, which takes one back to the Halcyon days of Mayan human sacrifices. Of course, that's somewhat close to par for the course in the hot sauce world.... and at least it's not named "Bastard Son of Satan's Butt." (But if someone pinches that name for their own hot sauce in the future, feel free to comp me some, 'kay? And come to think of it, maybe I should have titled this section "Snarkrifice"?)

Sacrifice Fire-Roasted Habanero Pepper Sauce at ChiliZillaANYWAY. Let's not dwell on that any longer, because it's the hot sauce that's inside the bottle that really counts -- and if you want the TL;DR version, this is actually a very fine hot sauce. So, tally ho:

Scanning through the ingredients for Sacrifice, Ingredient Number One is fire-roasted habanero peppers -- and "fire-roasted" is indeed how it presented to my nose when I first uncapped the bottle, and was one of the first flavors I noticed once I actually tasted it. That's not terribly surprising; aside from the fire-roasted habaneros, this hot sauce also contains fire-roasted poblano peppers as well as smoked habanero powder.

The other note that I immediately got was a little more surprising, at first taste: Sweetness. Another look at the ingredients refreshed my recollection not only that the vinegar base in this hot sauce is apple cider vinegar, which will add some sweetness, but also that apple juice was a separate ingredient. And to top it all off, Angry Goat also deployed that most Vermont of secret weapons in this hot sauce: Maple syrup. 

The upshot of the smokiness and the apple-and-maple sweetness is that this hot sauce almost has a bacon-like quality about it, without it being overly assertive. (OH, YOU CLEVER, CLEVER VERMONTERS.) Indeed, the whole package here is working together, flavor-wise. The apples really accentuate the fruitiness of the habaneros, while a subtle background of soy, ginger, and garlic gives this habanero pepper sauce a vaguely Asian-fusion feel that, just as with the Vermont-ness of the maple bacon notes, is present without being too much at all.  

How Hot is Sacrifice Fire-Roasted Habanero Pepper Sauce?

Because so many people are familiar with the Tabasco pepper sauce, we index our scale to its equally familiar heat level: Tabasco represents a five on our scale, so when we say that a hot sauce we're reviewing is a "seven," for example, you'll get the idea that we found it to be fairly hotter than Tabasco.

In this case, the Sacrifice hot sauce under review clocks in with slightly more heat than Tabasco, and possibly only very slightly more, and so we're rating it a six on our heat index -- only a small amount of milk was harmed during the making of this review.

How Delicious is Sacrifice Fire-Roasted Habanero Pepper Sauce?

You might have gotten the impression from this review that I thoroughly enjoyed this Sacrifice hot sauce from Angry Goat. If so, you definitely got the right impression -- this is one that I'll definitely be keeping in my own personal phridge-stash. (Because ph = Phish = Vermont. I just can't let go of the whole Vermont thing.) The subtle sweetness, the maple-bacony hints of Vermont-in-a-bottle, and the heat that's generous without being overwhelming (did I mention that there's a little ghost pepper in this, as well?) all add up to make a delicious hot sauce that would be of use anywhere where those flavors appear -- think barbecue, for example, or really any meat off the grill, and you've got the idea.

If all of that is intriguing, or if you or someone you know loves bacon, maple, and hot sauce, or who is maybe missing Vermont, you owe it to yourself to pick up a bottle of this hot sauce. And you can find it here on ChiliZilla, right here:


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