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Welcome to ChiliZilla

I love chile peppers. I love hot sauces. And to be honest, I love all the things that go with chile peppers and hot sauce. I buy chile peppers, I grow chile peppers, I eat chile peppers, I ferment chile peppers, and I make my own hot sauce... and then I buy even more hot sauce.

This love of all things pepper-related is why I started ChiliZilla: So that I could share my love of peppers and hot sauce by doing, by teaching, by reviewing, and by selling. You'll find a variety of delicious hot sauces reviewed and sold here, but you'll also find videos and posts about almost anything chili-related, including fermenting chili peppers and making your own hot sauce, as well as recipes in which hot sauce is an integral part.

We're just launching, so there are still a lot of things to be built out. But do browse around. If you see some products you'd like to try, please do -- you'll be supporting our efforts to enlighten, educate, and entertain you whilst you're in the throes of your own chile pepper or hot sauce cravings, whatever those may be.

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